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Simple Web Design Techniques

Web design is perhaps one of the most important processes involved with establishing a new website or presence online. Choosing the wrong company to assist you along the way can spell out “DISASTER”. Spend some time selecting an organization that has the skills, approach, and experience required to deliver the website of your dreams. Your overall goal is to provide an enjoyable experience for the user, with an easy-to-navigate interface and layout that isn’t invasive or pushy. The following article will cover website design that is tailored for the user and focuses on the reader’s needs, rather than those of the business.

You should understand who it is that will be using your website, such as age range, intended usage, and relevant interests. This target audience will have a massive impact on the overall layout of your page, including any interactive features or flashy graphics. As an example, a strong, political blog that is aimed at readers in their mid-40’s should present the latest posts on the front page and provide immediate, simple navigation options without any flashy interruptions. Know your audience, know their tolerance for certain design techniques, and design your site around these thresholds.

Keep the website entirely self-evident, from top-to-bottom. The readers should never need to spend any time trying to decipher a link’s meaning or the purpose of a button. Your links should be immediately recognizable as links, and their destinations should be included nearby. If there is a need for registration or providing personal information, this should be established and optional. The viewers should always know where they are within a particular domain, and there should be an easy solution for returning to the homepage at all times.

Websites are very visual for the viewer. Keep size in mind when designing and placing advertisements, logos, banners, or particular pieces of media. If something is more important, increase the size and maintain a steady hierarchy throughout the various sub-domains. Size is not the only determining factor, but it is one of the most important. Readers spend more time near the top half of a page, meaning the higher up an advertisement or link is placed, the more likely it is to be followed. Finally, keep related pieces of information grouped together and within similar areas of the margin.

Use unique conventions for standing out against the competition. However, when it comes to certain things, such as hyperlinks or breadcrumb trails, use the standard that is immediately recognized by new viewers. For instance, blue links are easily noticeable, while red hyperlinks would confuse the reader. When it involves things of less importance, such as headers within a page, put your own personal spin on the approach, and you are more likely to stick within the memories of your readers.

A website will always be an unfinished project, as newer ideas come into the design, and you are always finding yourself eager to attempt something different. Use the ideas you’ve gathered from the above article during this process and better results will follow.

Simple Web Design Doesn’t Mean You Will Have A Simple Website

Creating a website can be difficult when you have never worked with coding or design in any capacity. It can be daunting and can break people down quickly. The problem does not lie in how difficult or how easy it is, but instead in how “perfect” people try to make their websites look. There is no such thing as the “perfect” website and trying to achieve one will only make your job more difficult.

In order to create a good website, one that is easy to follow as well as being easy to look at, following a few simple rules can make even the most untested web designer look like the Michelangelo of online design.

The four easiest steps towards making your website more user friendly are as follows:

    1. Spacing: One of the most important rules is with spacing. Making sure that your website is not flush to one side of the page or that content is running into one another keeps your website more visually stimulating to view.
    1. Consistency: Another important factor is making sure that your website does not vary between pages. Your home page all the way to your index page should be almost identical. For consumers, not having to distinguish between different pages with a home button in a new location or changed navigation bars will keep people at ease.
    1. Simple Navigation: When it does come to navigation, however, having easy to read and easy to understand navigation areas makes it easy on the consumer as well as yourself. Having to search for a search bar should never be a problem that someone will encounter. Having your navigation at the top of the page or on a sidebar, which is a normal location for navigation, will make your website more appealing.
  1. Flow: The flow of your website may be the most important factor to remember when thinking about your web design. With flow, you are almost literally forcing the consumer to look at specific things subconsciously. Flow is how you set up each page of your website in order for the reader’s eye to go from the top of the screen all the way down.

These four steps are not the only steps that you need to take when creating a new web design, but they are four of the most important ones. By following these simple rules, you will be left with a product that you can be proud of. It will not only bring more people to your website, but it will in turn make it easier for search engines to find your site.

Website Developers Can Profit From A Reseller Web Space

By purchasing a reseller web space hosting account, not only can website developers create websites for their clients, they can also provide their clients with web space hosting. This is another great studio service that can be offered easily by website developers.

What Exactly Do You Need To Profit From Reseller Web Space Hosting?

Speedy & Reliable Web Space Hosting Support – Providing speedy and reliable web space hosting support is critical for success in reselling web space hosting. If something happens to your client’s website, it is of top priority to make sure that the situation is handled effectively in the quickest manner possible. An unhappy client will also affect the reputation of your other services as well, make sure that you’re clients are fully satisfied with the web space hosting services that you make available. Remember, word of mouth is one of the most effective forms of advertising for a business, it can either make you or break you. The choice is yours to make and the actions that you take will help determine the effect that word of mouth advertising plays on your business.

Control Panel – It is preferable that you have full administrative control over your clients’ web space hosting accounts. Make sure that your web space hosting provider not only provides you with a control panel that includes complete administrative facilities to easily manage multiple accounts, but, they also provide your clients with their own control panel as well. The most important issue would be that your web space hosting provider gives you the ability to hide their identity as a web space hosting provider that you use. This makes clients unaware that you are offering a service through a third party provider. Also, make sure that you have the ability to customize the control panels your clients use to suit your requirements.

Terms & Conditions – Terms and conditions become vital when offering any type of service. Make sure that every single client has a copy of your terms and conditions. Many people that are reselling web space hosting simply neglect to write their own terms and conditions. Don’t get me wrong, they take quite a bit of time to create and they don’t seem to be the most pleasing thing to write. Usually, if you contact a web space hosting provider, they will let you copy theirs or you will be supplied with a set of terms and conditions that was created specifically for this purpose.

Multiple Domain Hosting – In order to become a web space hosting reseller, you need to obtain an account that offers multiple domain hosting. For example, if you obtain a web space hosting reseller account that allows 8 add-on domains, you can use one to develop your web space hosting company’s website and 7 can be used for your clients. All that you need to do is pay your web space hosting provider their normal rate and charge your customers however much you wish. I would like to add in that there are quite a few web space hosting providers, including The Next Generation Host, that offers their reseller web space hosting clients unlimited add-on domains, this doesn’t limit how many domains you are able to host. I find this option very useful in running a web space hosting company.

Reseller web space hosting can be a rather profitable type of business. You have to have a good host in order to succeed. Also, don’t overlook the fact that it does require you to put some time into it in order to prosper. The time that you put into will lead to making your clients happier and will also help to improve your company’s reputation.

Christian Web Design

Believe me, I come across a lot of clients who have come to me after having been through many web designers and developers and are totally disillusioned with my industry. It’s not an easy place to be after having been let down, cheated, ripped off, or manipulated. Often they sit in my office and look at me through skeptical eyes and understandably so! Most have spent thousands of dollars already in web development with not much to show for it or with a website that is not what they wanted.

It is unfortunate that this happens but as in any industry, there are people who promote honest and dishonest practices. Based on the information that I have gathered from clients and talking to other professionals within my field, there could be three major causes to having a bad or negative experience with your web designer or developer.

1. Personalities just do not blend.

It’s very important to find a web designer whom your personality best blends with. You will be working with this person for most likely a long time and if you don’t feel you can work with this designer or developer from the initial start, it won’t get better. There will be many decisions and suggestions you’ll need to make on the road ahead so its crucial this relationship is one your comfortable with from the onset.

2. Not understanding the difference between a web designer and web developer.

There are essentially two breeds in the web world and both are very different from each other. The two titles are not interchangeable, really. Speaking in general, the web designer is the creative being that if skilled, can create beautiful designs and concepts for you. Clearly, this is a left brained thinker and would also be the more personable one of the two. Often however, a really good web designer can lack the technical skills to take their design concepts to the coding or development of a website. The web developer on the other hand, can be a highly skilled, technical person and can take a design from start to final phase. However, the right brain developer lacks the creative skills to manifest beautiful designs and concepts. Because each have a weak area, they often contract the other to compensate for other. This is fine but what happens with the overall cost is passed down to the client. It’s important to find a web designer/developer who is well rounded and able to do both equally well. You’ll save time and money in the long run.

3. Lack of understanding about the Web Design process.

Unless you are a designer or developer, your not going to have a good knowledge of the flow and process it takes to design or develop a website. But at the same time, your web professional should assist you in helping you understand the process by educating you along the way. This is where trusting your web professional is important. You need to be able to trust him or her knowing that they have the best interest for your website. Too often, a lack of understanding causes misunderstandings and opens the door to future problems.

Doing your homework and interviewing several web designers or developers is a must before you employ anyone with your website. You will be investing a good amount of money for a website and its critical to find someone whom you can trust and will be able to work with for the long haul. Having a web professional who is local in proximity is good but if you are able to find someone who meets the three factors listed above, then its perfectly fine to have a web designer or developer from a remote location. Just make sure that he or she is always accessible either by phone or email.

Because the web jargon can be confusing, it is easy for you as the customer to be manipulated. Be cautious and always ask for an explanation that you can understand. I believe the need to find good, honest, ethical web professionals will continue to rise. Christian web design and hosting companies are often sought after because those seeking them already have a preconceived notion in the type of ethics and character of a Christian website designer. Its good to work with others who share in the same belief system as you and that work and service is done at a higher standard.

Most Christian web design companies offer hosting as well as design & development services. It is always a good idea to host your website with your design firm if that is available. This way, the designer can work more efficiently since they are already familiar with their hosting servers. Finding Christian web design & Hosting will be worth the effort!

Outsourcing Web Development Services

An attractive website is an essential part of an online business as it is the most vital medium through which consumers could come to know about the business. If you are looking to start an online business then you are required to have an eye catching website. Today, there are many web development and designing companies who offer web solutions for a wide range of businesses. Professional companies can offer you a number of services like website designing and development, E-commerce store solutions, social networking site development, travel and news portals, web maintenance, graphic and flash design, customization and integration.

Web development services India

India has been developing at a great pace and the country has become a chief center for information technology. There are numerous high class web development companies in India offering a whole range of web solutions without compromising with the quality of the work. You can outsource web development services to one of the reliable company in India to get the website of your choice. Web developers India are highly experienced and they have an extensive knowledge of advanced technologies such as PHP, Ajax, Flex,, Flash, Java, cold Fusion and many other web technologies that are essential in building attractive and functional websites.

Benefits of outsourcing web development services to India

When you get offshore web development services from India, you not only get good looking and functional website but also the maintenance services of your website. There are many benefits that you can get by outsourcing, some of the are listed below.

  • Reliable and efficient website
  • Highly interactive website
  • Dynamic and scalable marketing tool
  • Website with easy access
  • Project completion at affordable price
  • Complete the development projects within the targeted time

Other than developing and designing good looking and interactive websites, web development companies in India also offer maintenance and marketing services for the better functioning of the online business. These companies have professional programmers and developers who have keen knowledge of SEO and various other marketing tools. You can hire dedicated web developers in India not only to get an attractive website but also to get a high ranking website. Developers and programmers in India could offer the best web marketing solutions with which you will be able to improve the visibility of website in the major search engines like Google and Yahoo.

Web Development Services

Web development is an extensive term for any activity or set of activities for development of web site or web application for World Wide Web. Web Development Services can include website design, website development, website maintenance, e-commerce website development, custom web application development, shopping cart development, content management services, payment gateway integration into the web application and search engine optimization services etc. The expansion of web development has major implications on the betterment of human lives in terms of convenience and time saving, as we are experiencing in our lifestyles. Air tickets, movie ticket, shopping, gambling, entertainment, bill processing, banking etc can be furnished by using web application or websites through internet making the life easier and luxurious.

Evolution of web development

The need of web interface was felt back to days when internet was evolved and technologist were in the deep thinking process to invent a new coding structure or programming language which can support the internet or world wide web.The need was sufficed by the genesis of Mark up languages in the early nineties, although early mark up languages were difficult to code and not very useful for high end application as compared to current programming languages framework. These days Free and open source languages are also having significant contribution towards the affordable Web Development Services to the clients and users.

Services offered

The various services offered by a web solution provider are below:-

Website Development: These services are offered for the customer or clients who order for a website as per his or her need or for any organization which require their website to be built for expanding the business or selling or promoting their products via websites.

Banking Application: These applications are meant for the banking customers for online transaction for their individual needs and for staffs and employees for handling the organizational jobs processing as well.
E commerce Development Services: – These services are offered to create a virtual shopping scenario by which the online customers can buy, bid and sell the products to and from the website using well structured database of products and customers. Examples are Airline reservation, bidding sites and third party sites which are responsible for processing of utility bills etc.

Content Management: A website is basically a communication media to enable and manage an organization or company’s conversation with its customers. A content management services ensures that communication is alive using the resources to provide the required updates in the content of the website. Example of which can be E learning portals and websites of news services.

Website Development using Open Source Languages: There are many proven open source languages intended for low cost business application for small and medium scale business needs. The Basic nature of providing this service is to grab the market of small budget organization or individuals who are keen to have their own sites for information services or shopping cart application. The excellent example is PHP and Joomla development tools.

Social Networking Sites and Application: The aim of these applications is to connect the like minded people across the globe to chatting, blogging, making friends and making user groups to share the information on a particular topic of their respective interest areas. The example can be many popular networking applications can be Orkut, Facebook, Twitter etc.

SEO Services: These services are aimed towards the improvement of rankings of a particular website on the popular search engines like Google, yahoo, MSN etc based on the keywords research, and typical user search patterns etc.

The Growth and Future of Web Development Services

The growth potentials are enormous for web application and website development considering the increasing number of internet users all across the globe. As per a renowned survey on an average there are 1 million enquiries are generated with the vendors for web application developments and a major chunk of those enquiries are converted into the business. And, once the vendor satisfies the client in terms of quality, turn around time and pricing, the vendor is eligible for references and recurring businesses.

Web Designing Professionally

One of the joys that Internet brings is to browse useful websites. Here, we can find the information we need. However, it takes a long time to create a website. Its not just about creating web design and connect it to the host site. For an individual who creates personal website, colors, design and contents reflects the taste of the owner and can be a good asset for the site. When it comes to business websites, you have to put professional appearance for the people whom you promote. Successful web design depends on the quality of contents for your readers.

You can also consult professionals regarding these aspects. It you have less informed in creating web design, its better to invests a couple of dollars in hiring professionals. However, here are some of things your web design has.

Quick loading
Easy navigation
Easy to function
Easy accessibility
Original content

Homepage must only contain short contents. You can also include bulleted items for the readers to understand easily. Putting some images can also attract visitors. When choosing images, it is better to choose the appropriate themes depending to the contents of your web. Reducing large image can also helps your web pages to load quickly. According to experts, your website must load within 15 seconds or else the visitor might leave your site immediately.

Web design with a simple navigation area also brings convenience for the visitors. It is also better to test the links whether it is working. In putting navigation links, it must be easy to read. This means that you have to distinguish the proper font size and color as well. If it is too hard to understand, visitors will immediately leave your site. Finally, test your site as if you are a visitor to your own site. If it is not working then you have to find what is wrong with your web design, continue the process until it works.

Nowadays, web design is one way to earn money for many programmers. However, you can also learn with your own. With the help of Internet, you can surely do it. In creating your own web design, you have to be patient for you to succeed.


Programs You Should Learn To Become A Pro

You need to be qualified to join a Web Design Company. In other words, you have to learn a lot of computer software to get the required knowledge. Once you have learned these programs, you can join a prolific Web Design company. The most important component of a web page is the scripting language and the most common scripting language is HTML (Hypertext markup Language). As compared to other programming languages, HTML is easier to learn and implement. This language runs behind the web page and is responsible for various constructed components. For instance, you need to write a certain HTML script to create a table or a layer. A web designer should have a comprehensive knowledge about this language to construct professional web pages.

However, nowadays, a website design company does not script the commands manually to create web pages. There are several tools which accomplish the same tasks with just a simple click. You can install one of these tools and learn them on your own. Most of these tools have a descriptive help menu as well. However, you can also view the HTML source code of the designs which are being made. Some commands have to be inserted through manual coding. A common command is “MARQUEE” which makes a text phase move continuously from the right to the left of the page. This command has to be inserted manually. A website designer should be an expert at using one or more of these page building tools.

Apart from that, a website designer should have sufficient knowledge about image editing and designing tools. Nowadays, websites do not get enough traffic until they have one or two blinking images on the front page. In addition to that, they need to have a fair bit of knowledge about animation tools as well. Most websites have streaming videos on one or more of the pages.

One of the most important things which a designer should know is to extract the right requirements out of the discussion with the client and transform them into the desired web pages. If the requirements are interpreted in a wrong manner, the entire website would be rejected irrespective of how well it is designed. Every web designer working at a web design company is well conversant will all these programs. If you want to emerge as a successful web designer, you would have to fulfill the same requirements.

Choosing a Web Design Degree

Communication is the primary reason why the world continues to exist today. The need for communication resulted into various advancements in technology and before long; the demand for faster and more efficient ways of communicating has risen. This is one of the reasons the Internet was born and this is also the very reason why more and more people go online each day.

There are now hundreds upon hundreds of websites that offer convenient shopping, great sources of information, as well as entertainment. And as these sites continue to thrive on the Internet, so does the demand for web designers. If you are longing to become a professional web designer, then you must begin by choosing the right degree.

There are now many accredited institutions and even virtual universities and colleges that can offer your desired web design degree. The degrees that they offer focus on the creation of striking and functional websites. No top-notch web designer has made it big without enrolling on any of the web designing degrees which highlight concepts such as graphic design, scripting languages, website designing, web security, or e-commerce.

A web design degree is often comprised of the following courses which are integrated into the curriculum:

• Visual communication
• The Concepts of Web Design
• Graphics Designing
• Scripting Languages
• Digital Imaging
• Animation
• Technologies
• Design Fundamentals
• Marketing
• E-Commerce
• Theory and Practical Application for Graphic Designing

The chief objective of taking a web design degree program is to be able to enhance your understanding of advanced concepts of theoretical visual skills; creativity; computer skills; manipulation of high-end software; scripting; authoring; and many more. Once you learn all this, you will be able to successfully complete the creation of enticing and functional websites (one that offers sound usage and interactive graphics).

Your completion of the program, whether from a traditional institution or from an online university, will not only enhance your future career but would also give you the bargaining power when it comes to your future earnings. Most accredited colleges and universities even have placement programs which guarantee you a spot on the world of web design just as soon as you graduate.

Your options include media house jobs, working for media consultancy companies or a graphic design firm; the choice is actually up to you. So to earn big, you must know how to invest and the best way to invest is to finish your web design degree with flying colors.

The Average Web Designer Salary

People today may take websites for granted. As long as they can click on links, read the content without any complication, and otherwise browse the site at their leisure, they may not give much thought to a web page’s actual design. However, every website entails intricate designing that would not be possible without the talents of a web designer.

Web designers are crucial to the Internet’s longevity and reach throughout the world. They also are vital to a relevance of any business, organization, or person who wants to maintain an online presence. With that, the industry of web design, as reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, is expected to grow by 20 percent in the next decade, a rate that is much faster than average when compared to other industries. In fact, more than 28,500 new jobs will be created between now and the year 2022, joining the already 141,000 design jobs in existence.

Moreover, the 141,400 already working today earn on average a web designer salary that averages more than $62,500 a year, or $30.05 per hour. This figure can be higher or lower, depending on whether or not a designer works as an employee or as a freelancer. Even so, the average salary stands at more than four times the national minimum wage of $7.25 per hour currently being offered to entry level workers in other industries. When people are interested in working in an online arena that will utilize their design talents, as well as allow them to earn lucrative salaries, they may consider joining the job market.

Freelance Web Designer Salary

Unlike employees, freelance web designers arguably have more control over their earning potential. If they establish themselves as legitimate designers and accrue a solid client base, these individuals can set their own rates and work as much or as little as they choose. In essence, they can determine how much money they make on any given day, let alone each year, by working as freelance designers rather than as company employees.

However, as with any freelance career, these individuals face the challenge of actually establishing themselves in a market that is competitive and fast-paced. If they do not put any effort toward building a base of clients, they may earn very little, if anything at all during their initial start-up phase. Once they begin picking up steady clients, freelance designers have the potential of earning web designer salary ranges that go from as little as $20 an hour all the way to $40 an hour or higher. In fact, as the Houston Chronicle notes, it is not unusual for freelancers to earn $50 an hour for a single client’s project. In contrast, people who work as employees in the industry earn about $20 less an hour than their freelance counterparts.

Freelancers also can add to their earning potential by charging extra fees for details like expedited deadlines or more in-depth work that requires more time and effort. They also can recoup the costs of their travel and work expenses if they choose. However, many clients appreciate being told these additional costs upfront or even being given the chance to negotiate a fair price, something that is not usually done when working with employees of a web design company.

Graphic Web Designer Salary

Similar to web designers, graphic designers are tasked with making sure that a website is creative, engaging, and usable. However, these professionals are also typically in charge of making sure the actual graphics of a site are functional and that the website builds a personal or corporate brand as it should. Because these individuals often put the finishing touches on a website before it is released for public use, graphic designers, particularly those who utilize computer animation in their line of work, earn a bit more than those who are just starting out in this field. The average graphic designer salary currently stands at $76,279 per year.

Moreover, graphic web designers are often compensated for the level of professional training they bring to their positions. In fact, people who plan to pursue this aspect of web design often are expected to obtain undergraduate degrees in graphic web design from an accredited university or college. Many employers expect people to earn a four year degree rather than a two year associate’s degree or certificate.

Some of the classes that these designers are advised to take and complete successfully include computer animation, architecture or drafting courses, as well as classes that teach them programming language like HTML or JavaScript. These complex qualifications typically make them more than suited for a career in web design, but more specifically suit them for a career in graphic web design. They can expect themselves to be compensated with salaries that are higher than those offered to entry level web design professionals who perhaps are not trained to utilize computer animation and other detailed skills.