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Facts about Egg Donation

Egg donation is a worldwide practice that has gained momentum in recent times. The governments in various regions of the world have taken a more proactive approach to the whole industry. As much as this is a time-consuming and very expensive process; this has not diminished its desirability to most people. People who are past the normal child bearing age have shown more interest. It has given many a second chance at parenthood. As this practice becomes more accessible to more people, it is important to find out more information about the whole process.

This is a process which enables a woman to conceive through an egg donated by another woman. This is part of assisted reproduction treatment. In this treatment, egg donation normally involves in vitro fertilization technology, where the donated eggs are fertilized in the lab, before being inserted into the woman for gestation.

Those who are ideal donors fall in the thirties age group. There are a few cases of those beyond this age groups who have been qualified to be donors. This age is the most optimum in terms of the donor’s health conditions. The prevalent health condition will be a major factor in determining the quality of life of the child. Women past their thirties begin to lose some of their ovulation process vitality and integrity. This negatively their eggs’ desirability.
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The eggs contain the genetic qualities of the donor, which will be passed on to the child. Of all our great technological and genetic achievements, this simple fact remains unaffected. This is something that all the recipients need to prepare for. It has been noted that most parents, particularly fathers, desire to raise children who look like them and only them, with a very little deviation towards the donors. If you wish to proceed with this procedure, you need to come to terms with this issue. Currently, scientists are not able to separate these genetic qualities between donors and the children.
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Parents can rejoice in the fact that a child develops in the parent’s womb, it will acquire the characteristics of the new parents. The gestation period and succeeding childhood period will guarantee all the parent’s qualities are shared with the child. The qualities of the original egg will continue to show up throughout the life of the child. The end result will be a child who will bear the qualities of more than two parents. It is the best outcome possible at the moment.

There are a number of benefits this procedure presents, mostly to those who have a problem with conception. The process is yet to be perfect, with so many technological and genetic issues which need to be addressed. As the moment, it is important to thoroughly think all the factors through in your quest to become a parent, before opting to undergo the procedure.