Web Designing Professionally

One of the joys that Internet brings is to browse useful websites. Here, we can find the information we need. However, it takes a long time to create a website. Its not just about creating web design and connect it to the host site. For an individual who creates personal website, colors, design and contents reflects the taste of the owner and can be a good asset for the site. When it comes to business websites, you have to put professional appearance for the people whom you promote. Successful web design depends on the quality of contents for your readers.

You can also consult professionals regarding these aspects. It you have less informed in creating web design, its better to invests a couple of dollars in hiring professionals. However, here are some of things your web design has.

Quick loading
Easy navigation
Easy to function
Easy accessibility
Original content

Homepage must only contain short contents. You can also include bulleted items for the readers to understand easily. Putting some images can also attract visitors. When choosing images, it is better to choose the appropriate themes depending to the contents of your web. Reducing large image can also helps your web pages to load quickly. According to experts, your website must load within 15 seconds or else the visitor might leave your site immediately.

Web design with a simple navigation area also brings convenience for the visitors. It is also better to test the links whether it is working. In putting navigation links, it must be easy to read. This means that you have to distinguish the proper font size and color as well. If it is too hard to understand, visitors will immediately leave your site. Finally, test your site as if you are a visitor to your own site. If it is not working then you have to find what is wrong with your web design, continue the process until it works.

Nowadays, web design is one way to earn money for many programmers. However, you can also learn with your own. With the help of Internet, you can surely do it. In creating your own web design, you have to be patient for you to succeed.


Programs You Should Learn To Become A Pro

You need to be qualified to join a Web Design Company. In other words, you have to learn a lot of computer software to get the required knowledge. Once you have learned these programs, you can join a prolific Web Design company. The most important component of a web page is the scripting language and the most common scripting language is HTML (Hypertext markup Language). As compared to other programming languages, HTML is easier to learn and implement. This language runs behind the web page and is responsible for various constructed components. For instance, you need to write a certain HTML script to create a table or a layer. A web designer should have a comprehensive knowledge about this language to construct professional web pages.

However, nowadays, a website design company does not script the commands manually to create web pages. There are several tools which accomplish the same tasks with just a simple click. You can install one of these tools and learn them on your own. Most of these tools have a descriptive help menu as well. However, you can also view the HTML source code of the designs which are being made. Some commands have to be inserted through manual coding. A common command is “MARQUEE” which makes a text phase move continuously from the right to the left of the page. This command has to be inserted manually. A website designer should be an expert at using one or more of these page building tools.

Apart from that, a website designer should have sufficient knowledge about image editing and designing tools. Nowadays, websites do not get enough traffic until they have one or two blinking images on the front page. In addition to that, they need to have a fair bit of knowledge about animation tools as well. Most websites have streaming videos on one or more of the pages.

One of the most important things which a designer should know is to extract the right requirements out of the discussion with the client and transform them into the desired web pages. If the requirements are interpreted in a wrong manner, the entire website would be rejected irrespective of how well it is designed. Every web designer working at a web design company is well conversant will all these programs. If you want to emerge as a successful web designer, you would have to fulfill the same requirements.

Choosing a Web Design Degree

Communication is the primary reason why the world continues to exist today. The need for communication resulted into various advancements in technology and before long; the demand for faster and more efficient ways of communicating has risen. This is one of the reasons the Internet was born and this is also the very reason why more and more people go online each day.

There are now hundreds upon hundreds of websites that offer convenient shopping, great sources of information, as well as entertainment. And as these sites continue to thrive on the Internet, so does the demand for web designers. If you are longing to become a professional web designer, then you must begin by choosing the right degree.

There are now many accredited institutions and even virtual universities and colleges that can offer your desired web design degree. The degrees that they offer focus on the creation of striking and functional websites. No top-notch web designer has made it big without enrolling on any of the web designing degrees which highlight concepts such as graphic design, scripting languages, website designing, web security, or e-commerce.

A web design degree is often comprised of the following courses which are integrated into the curriculum:

• Visual communication
• The Concepts of Web Design
• Graphics Designing
• Scripting Languages
• Digital Imaging
• Animation
• Technologies
• Design Fundamentals
• Marketing
• E-Commerce
• Theory and Practical Application for Graphic Designing

The chief objective of taking a web design degree program is to be able to enhance your understanding of advanced concepts of theoretical visual skills; creativity; computer skills; manipulation of high-end software; scripting; authoring; and many more. Once you learn all this, you will be able to successfully complete the creation of enticing and functional websites (one that offers sound usage and interactive graphics).

Your completion of the program, whether from a traditional institution or from an online university, will not only enhance your future career but would also give you the bargaining power when it comes to your future earnings. Most accredited colleges and universities even have placement programs which guarantee you a spot on the world of web design just as soon as you graduate.

Your options include media house jobs, working for media consultancy companies or a graphic design firm; the choice is actually up to you. So to earn big, you must know how to invest and the best way to invest is to finish your web design degree with flying colors.

The Average Web Designer Salary

People today may take websites for granted. As long as they can click on links, read the content without any complication, and otherwise browse the site at their leisure, they may not give much thought to a web page’s actual design. However, every website entails intricate designing that would not be possible without the talents of a web designer.

Web designers are crucial to the Internet’s longevity and reach throughout the world. They also are vital to a relevance of any business, organization, or person who wants to maintain an online presence. With that, the industry of web design, as reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, is expected to grow by 20 percent in the next decade, a rate that is much faster than average when compared to other industries. In fact, more than 28,500 new jobs will be created between now and the year 2022, joining the already 141,000 design jobs in existence.

Moreover, the 141,400 already working today earn on average a web designer salary that averages more than $62,500 a year, or $30.05 per hour. This figure can be higher or lower, depending on whether or not a designer works as an employee or as a freelancer. Even so, the average salary stands at more than four times the national minimum wage of $7.25 per hour currently being offered to entry level workers in other industries. When people are interested in working in an online arena that will utilize their design talents, as well as allow them to earn lucrative salaries, they may consider joining the job market.

Freelance Web Designer Salary

Unlike employees, freelance web designers arguably have more control over their earning potential. If they establish themselves as legitimate designers and accrue a solid client base, these individuals can set their own rates and work as much or as little as they choose. In essence, they can determine how much money they make on any given day, let alone each year, by working as freelance designers rather than as company employees.

However, as with any freelance career, these individuals face the challenge of actually establishing themselves in a market that is competitive and fast-paced. If they do not put any effort toward building a base of clients, they may earn very little, if anything at all during their initial start-up phase. Once they begin picking up steady clients, freelance designers have the potential of earning web designer salary ranges that go from as little as $20 an hour all the way to $40 an hour or higher. In fact, as the Houston Chronicle notes, it is not unusual for freelancers to earn $50 an hour for a single client’s project. In contrast, people who work as employees in the industry earn about $20 less an hour than their freelance counterparts.

Freelancers also can add to their earning potential by charging extra fees for details like expedited deadlines or more in-depth work that requires more time and effort. They also can recoup the costs of their travel and work expenses if they choose. However, many clients appreciate being told these additional costs upfront or even being given the chance to negotiate a fair price, something that is not usually done when working with employees of a web design company.

Graphic Web Designer Salary

Similar to web designers, graphic designers are tasked with making sure that a website is creative, engaging, and usable. However, these professionals are also typically in charge of making sure the actual graphics of a site are functional and that the website builds a personal or corporate brand as it should. Because these individuals often put the finishing touches on a website before it is released for public use, graphic designers, particularly those who utilize computer animation in their line of work, earn a bit more than those who are just starting out in this field. The average graphic designer salary currently stands at $76,279 per year.

Moreover, graphic web designers are often compensated for the level of professional training they bring to their positions. In fact, people who plan to pursue this aspect of web design often are expected to obtain undergraduate degrees in graphic web design from an accredited university or college. Many employers expect people to earn a four year degree rather than a two year associate’s degree or certificate.

Some of the classes that these designers are advised to take and complete successfully include computer animation, architecture or drafting courses, as well as classes that teach them programming language like HTML or JavaScript. These complex qualifications typically make them more than suited for a career in web design, but more specifically suit them for a career in graphic web design. They can expect themselves to be compensated with salaries that are higher than those offered to entry level web design professionals who perhaps are not trained to utilize computer animation and other detailed skills.

Web Designing Software Facts

When you consider creating a website for your business then one potential solution is to go down to Staples – or your local office supply store – and purchasing some web designing software. It is natural to consider this as an option. But, before you go out and buy a software package, consider these 3 web designing software facts that will keep you awake.

Does It Really Provide Value?

As a business owner, your time is very precious. There are so many daily demands to keeping your company running and making sure that your customer’s are happy. The more time you spend on business development then the more money you make. This means that any activity that takes you away from developing new business simply costs you money.

This needs to be considered when considering purchasing software over hiring a web design company. Ask yourself these questions:

• How much time do you have to devote to using the software?
• How much time will it take to design a site?
• How much will that time cost you in new business?

It is easy to see how that low cost software’s value diminishes in light of how long you will need to design a site with it. Like any business decision, it is not just about the initial cost but also the value that the purchase provides.

What Will The End Product Be?

Many web designing software packages are configured off of set templates. This is how someone without any web design experience is able to pick them up and create a website. The potential problem here is how many other people are using the same templates. If the software sells millions of copies then the chance that your site will look like someone else’s is pretty high. You won’t have a finished website that stands out from the crowd.

Is It Configured for Proper Search Engine Optimization?

Web designing is so much more than simply putting up an eye catching site. You also need a site that is properly configured for proper Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This is the ability of your site to not only get a customer’s attention but attention from the search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Google is constantly updating their algorithm to provide visitors with the most relevant search results. This goes far beyond the keywords that are used in your site. That is a start but also Google looks at how quickly your site loads, how much traffic you receive, how long they stay on your site, and how many pages that they view during their visit. If the web designing software isn’t configured to consider SEO techniques then you won’t see the maximum search engine rankings possible.

Web Design Software

You may have heard of web design software and wonder what it is and how it can help you. Let’s quickly discuss what a web page is. A web page is a collection of text, pictures, audio, and/or video that is viewed on a Web browser. If you’ve ever used Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Avant Browser, Opera, Safari, Maxthon, or some other browser, you’ve seen web pages. So how does a web page know where to display the images and where the text goes? The web site creator writes instructions for the web page to follow in a computer language known as HTML (Hypertext Markup Language). HTML tells the browser what color to make the text, what background image to use, table properties, text color, shape, and size–the whole nine yards. (Note that there are other languages used, but HTML is the predominant one.)

Web design software is used to assist the web developer in writing HTML. Many web design software programs color code your HTML so you can tell the difference between the code and the content to appear on your site. For example, let’s say you want to create a web site that says “I Love New York” in red letters. The HTML coding would look like this:

<title>New York</title> <font>I Love New York</font>

The text that appears in red is the code, while the text in black is the content. This makes it easier to read. You may say, “But what if I don’t know any HTML?” Well, you have several options. Some web design software has help files that offer lessons on learning HTML. You can also use a WYSIWYG application. WYSIWYG, an anagram for “what you see is what you get”, is a type of web design software allowing you to see a near exact replica of what the finished product looks like as you’re creating it. With WYSIWYG, you don’t have to know HTML. You simply click menu drop-downs and icons and select options for formatting and design. The code is automatically written by the software.

There are many web design products available. Some of them are free (CoffeeCup, EasyHTML). Some are somewhat expensive (Microsoft FrontPage, Macromedia Dreamweaver). Some let you create very powerful, professional features (such as Flash animation, JavaScript, PHP tools, creating animated GIFs, forms and database-driven pages, and more). Other applications are simple, and intended to simply assist you in reading HTML code more clearly. And actually, you can write code with a simple Notepad application and save it as an HTML file.

Is there a “best” program out there? The most “popular” programs are Dreamweaver and FrontPage. However, my suggestion is to go out and check out the demos for several programs. (The ones who don’t offer a demo probably aren’t worth your time or consideration.) Weigh the pros and cons of each and draw your own conclusion as to which web design software beats out the competition.

Benefits of Hiring Professional Web Design Services

We always keep reading that it is good to avail professional web design services which can help increase the visibility of your website and help your business grow. But have you ever wondered that why it is a wise decision to have experienced and proficient web designers work on your site? Well this article brings to you all the benefits that your site can have just by hiring web design services of experts.

Greater Visibility for the Site

The first and the most important benefit is that your website enjoys greater visibility in the online markets as these experts come up with designs that are complementing, unique, impressive and engaging.

Consistent Brand Image

Professionals take into account the macro view. Hence, they come up with designs that are able to have a consistent brand image for your business. There is synchronization between your business stationery, your social networking profiles and your website designs which together are very effective in creating a strong and consistent image for your brand. From colors to fonts to pattern, everything is well coordinated.

Increased Number of Visitors

It is very important for a website to have visitors on it. With great designs developed by professionals, you can have more and more visitors come on your web page. This is the very first stage of making the deal.

Greater Conversions and Higher Sales

Once a visitor visits your site, he doesn’t take too long to leave. You need to have designs that can compel him to browse further and spend some more time on your site, only then he is going to purchase something. Web design services from professionals help you convert those visitors into customers with the help of attractive designs and help your business enjoy better sales.

Help Save Your Time

If you don’t hire experienced designers then you will have to stay involved in maintaining your site. But with these amazing services you can save on your time and put it to some better use which can bring more success to your business.

Getting Attention of Search Engines

The success of a site largely depends on how friendly it is with the search engines. Efficient designers help you have site that is loved by Google, Yahoo, Bing and various other search engines by keeping in mind the smallest of the details for constructing a well designed site.

Perfect Look for Your Site

These professionals work really hard to come up with the most beautiful and complementing designs for your site. They make the best use of the colors, their combinations, font styles and sizes, space, images and various other elements of designing that are must for coming up with aesthetically sound and alluring web pages.

All these benefits of hiring web design services of professional designers can really give your site a boost. Just by having proficient men work on the look of your site, you can take your business to higher levels.

Business Need a Web Design Service

Web design plays an important role for every business that wishes to gain a larger global market, and hopefully gain more prospective leads. When hiring a professional web design service, the client should keep in mind that the hired company should not only specialize in creating an impressive website, they should as well manage to construct one that is user friend; ideally, they should also be able to promote it on the Internet.


A competent web design company that caters to a range of different industry sectors should be able to offer the following:

  • Design Logos
  • Design Graphics
  • Host Websites
  • Manage Inventory
  • Provide Solutions for eCommerce
  • Offer routine maintenance of website
  • Provide personalized programming
  • Management systems for employees
  • Design Flash
  • Developmental aspects of the site
  • Design database
  • Online marketing
  • Development of web applications

Global Positioning

Procuring the services of an expert web design service is the first step in the global positioning of a business online. An added perk of procuring such services is the fact that they can tailor make the website to specifically fit the requirements of the business owner.

Skill and Expertise

The main goal of hiring a web design service is to create the brand’s online presence and make the target market notice it.

Nothing beats the professional job of a skilled web developer. It does not matter if the job entails the introduction of a new site, or if it is an attempt to revamp an existing site in order to garner a large client base. Website developers will start with getting to know the business, its needs and the customers rather than start off with learning about the catalogue of services they provide.

Though some bit of research can help a person find an experienced and reliable web design company, references can also be found from a list of reliable firms that are listed on the Internet.

Cost Efficiency

Companies typically like to upgrade the old site rather than start from the ground up, since this would be much more costly to do. Currently, websites are constructed with the site owner’s needs and desires in mind, not to mention the type of web presentation and data that would influence the site’s visitors.

Some vital aspects should be considered prior to the creation of any website:

  • the site should be easy to navigate
  • the visitors should be able to search the desired data with a few simple clicks
  • the content that is unavailable to users should be disabled,
  • the homepage should always be one click away


For cost-effective, yet premium quality web design services, one can always turn to a well-known design company in their area, or use recommendations from close people. The online community is also a good place to look for referrals if there are none from friends and family. Threads and forums can offer a good insight on useful tips and tricks to develop the site yourself, or for good companies to hire.

Web Hosting Tips

Once your super site is complete, you will need to host it on a server so that the public can access it. A server is a large computer which contains all files/documents associated with your website. From here you can determine which pages are open to view publicly, or grant permissions to authorised individuals. Your choice of host or web hosting plan will depend on a few factors:

1: There are three main types of server:

Shared Server

You rent a space on a large computer shared by others on a single operating system. This is usually the cheapest form of hosting and is quite suitable for start-ups. The pitfall of a shared server is that members are all using the same resources and excessive drain from any party could affect other users.

Virtual Private Server (VPS)

With a virtual private server you will still be sharing a section of a large computer except you’re resources will run on an individual operating system, so you’re less likely to be affected by others. Also, you will have a larger bandwidth and more reliable data transfer speed.

Dedicated Server

This is the ‘top drawer’ of web hosting. As the name suggest, a dedicated server is a stand-alone hardware device over which you have total control. This is the favoured solution for really-high traffic sites. It allows for maximum uninterrupted bandwidth capacity and will facilitate the use of extremely large data bases. Dedicated servers are expensive to purchase and may be costly to run as they will require paid-management if you don’t have the skills to set it up and maintain it yourself..

2. The size of your site.

Hosting packages are usually sorted by order of storage or size. Just like the hard drive on your PC, your website and its contents will require a certain amount of disc storage space. You will also need to consider whether your space requirement is going to increase in the near future. It is usually possible to increase your storage capacity by upgrading your hosting package but it’s worth paying some attention to this factor so that you are aware of the potential increase in operating costs for your business.

3. Application support

In order to use certain dynamic resources on your website you may require your host’s server to support certain application types. If you are unsure, just contact the host and explain what you need to achieve and they will tell you if they support the platform required.

4. Bandwidth.

Simply put: Bandwidth is the amount of information (data) that can be sent from the server at any one time. If you are fortunate enough to have a high-traffic web site (well done!) you will require higher bandwidth capacity from your server. Similarly if you have large files such as music, software or other digital products being downloaded regularly from your site, you’ll need enough bandwidth to meet the demand. Be cautious of hosts that boast unlimited bandwidth as this is often accompanied by a fair-use policy stated in the small print. Also, there are other factors associated with a servers’s hardware that determine the efficiency and speed of data transfer. So if this is a concern, be sure to ask questions before you sign up.

Generally web hosting isn’t too expensive and if you look around you can find good deals, but bear in mind: cheap web hosting doesn’t necessarily mean ‘good web hosting.’ Some hosting companies are new to the game and are still resolving bugs in their systems or they’re using cheaper, less reliable equipment. Another important feature is customer service. No system is 100% perfect; equipment can break down and when it does you will want to be assured that problems are being resolved effectively and efficiently. You will want to be kept in the loop and be given realistic forecasts as too when your site will be up and running again; but most importantly, you will want to feel that the person with whom you’re communicating, understands the issues you’re experiencing and is not just trying to blind you with science, or worse, tell you the problem is on your side when it is in fact theirs. Do an online search on the companies you’re considering. Use search phrases such as ‘problems with hostname‘…’ or ‘anyone using ‘hostname,’ keep in mind it is not possible to please all the people all of the time, also there is the possibility of rival companies publicly bad-mouthing the competition, but if you find overwhelming negative criticism of particular company, it could suggest a sub-standard service.

How to Host a Website With a Big Database

Hosting a website with an expectation of an ample database can be really challenging because of bandwidth requirements. But, if you are smart enough to discover webmasters’ tricks, you won’t run into any problem with your web hosting service provider.

Starting out a website with a database script is easy in the beginning and you can start off with a shared hosting package. But as your traffic increases, your website uses more server resources and since it is on a shared platform, it may occasionally experience down times that may adversely affect your business. Even, if your website is hosted on a Linux server that optimizes multiple databases for better server performance, there is no guarantee that it won’t be affected by down times as the number of visitors increases.

Website down time is not a plus for any website because visitors would lose interest in revisiting such a site. They would believe that the site is not always available, hence, they wouldn’t want to waste their time revisiting it. In fact, they might even spread the word around that your website is not reliable and this can lead to a great loss for your business.

The only way out is to engage a hosting company with flexible plans to host your website. You can start off with a shared hosting plan and as your traffic increases you can then migrate to VPS. But if you can afford it, you can also start off with VPS hosting because you would be allocated a dedicated amount of resources. This way, your account can handle more database queries and you would probably experience fewer database errors.

Database errors are capable of frustrating you as it can lead to loss of data, thereby leading to spending a lot of your valuable time on backing up and restoring lost data. If you have a big database, this can be very demanding. But once you are on VPS, you can run scripts without exercising the fear of bringing down the server and subsequently being penalized. This will give you the feeling that you are on a dedicated server.

Choosing the right web hosting provider is the secret to a successful hosting of a large database. Your provider should always be there for you right from the start till you get to your destination. A provider should be flexible enough to allow you start on a shared platform, which is cheaper, and later migrate to VPS as your site grows. But if you can afford VPS from the scratch, good luck to you.