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Improve the Efficiency of Service Delivery With OpenAir Salesforce Integration Many businesses today tend to prefer Salesforce as an effective CRM tool. However, if you’re an expert involved in provision of services, NetSuite may also a tool you’re using to help improve the efficiency of business functions such as resource optimization, project coordination, and expense management. When you’re handling the same customers, it is illogical to keep typing their information separately into both cloud-hosted platforms. You may set up the two applications to share system resources, for example the database, getting rid of redundancy and wastefulness. If you use an OpenAir Salesforce integrator, you can achieve that. A few of the main advantages of OpenAir Salesforce connectors include: Easier Opportunity to Project Conversion
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When you have your Salesforce and OpenAir data synchronized, it’s easier to covert opportunities to real projects. You must have some prospects in your Salesforce database, some of which can easily convert into OpenAir projects, thanks to seamless integration.
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Enhanced Project Visibility Integration leads to increased project visibility along several lines. For instance, you can gain insights on important metrics like project completion, billable time, or billed amount. Harmonization of Accounts and Clients You can use a connector to integrate Salesforce accounts with OpenAir clients. The harmonization process is bidirectional, meaning that you can do it from Salesforce in OpenAir or the other way around. Ease of Customization A Salesforce OpenAir integrator boasts prebuilt capabilities, but it’s possible to fully customize it. You may fine tune all the functionalities and data flow with a view to solving special business problems. You’re offered a substantially intuitive user interface to manage your customization. Synchronization of Contacts It is possible to sync contacts stored in Salesforce and OpenAir following integration of the two platforms. The synchronization is bidirectional as well. Bulk Transfer of Data The manual or one by one execution of record transfer from Salesforce to another solution such as OpenAir can be very stressful and time-wasting. So, if you already have a fully-fledged Salesforce customer database and you need to utilize that data in a newly acquired OpenAir account, that information can be transferred en masse, eliminating errors and time wastage. Salesforce OpenAir integration makes it possible to execute such data transmission or synchronization across independent platforms. Construction for Cloud-Based Application Of course, your deployment of OpenAir or Salesforce is sufficient evidence of your recognition of the perks involved in the business use of cloud-based solutions. You’ll be happy to know that OpenAir Salesforce connector tools are created to cater to your best interests, specifically concerning the utilization of cloud-hosted products for business purposes. Enterprises that are choosing cloud solutions to cut costs find Salesforce OpenAir integration important to their success. That’s a strategy that can help improve your competitiveness in the service industry.