Simple Web Design Doesn’t Mean You Will Have A Simple Website

Creating a website can be difficult when you have never worked with coding or design in any capacity. It can be daunting and can break people down quickly. The problem does not lie in how difficult or how easy it is, but instead in how “perfect” people try to make their websites look. There is no such thing as the “perfect” website and trying to achieve one will only make your job more difficult.

In order to create a good website, one that is easy to follow as well as being easy to look at, following a few simple rules can make even the most untested web designer look like the Michelangelo of online design.

The four easiest steps towards making your website more user friendly are as follows:

    1. Spacing: One of the most important rules is with spacing. Making sure that your website is not flush to one side of the page or that content is running into one another keeps your website more visually stimulating to view.
    1. Consistency: Another important factor is making sure that your website does not vary between pages. Your home page all the way to your index page should be almost identical. For consumers, not having to distinguish between different pages with a home button in a new location or changed navigation bars will keep people at ease.
    1. Simple Navigation: When it does come to navigation, however, having easy to read and easy to understand navigation areas makes it easy on the consumer as well as yourself. Having to search for a search bar should never be a problem that someone will encounter. Having your navigation at the top of the page or on a sidebar, which is a normal location for navigation, will make your website more appealing.
  1. Flow: The flow of your website may be the most important factor to remember when thinking about your web design. With flow, you are almost literally forcing the consumer to look at specific things subconsciously. Flow is how you set up each page of your website in order for the reader’s eye to go from the top of the screen all the way down.

These four steps are not the only steps that you need to take when creating a new web design, but they are four of the most important ones. By following these simple rules, you will be left with a product that you can be proud of. It will not only bring more people to your website, but it will in turn make it easier for search engines to find your site.