Web Design Ideas

So you’ve decided you need a website but are confused about all the different options. You can hire a professional website designer but that could be expensive and time-consuming. Another idea is to do it yourself however it will take a long time to develop the necessary skills to build a complete website. One of the easiest ways is to get a ready-made design is to grab a free template then just add content and upload the files to your web host.

Let’s look at the benefits and disadvantages of these 3 options:

1. Hire a professional website designer.


Get a custom design that reflects your business

Familiar with current design technologies

Flexibility of design

Ongoing tech-support

Create search engine friendly web pages

Knows how to market websites

Familiar with web hosting options



Takes weeks or months to develop the website

Maintenance costs if you don’t do it yourself

No guarantee the design company or web site designer will disappear

Website designers may cost you some money up front to design the website but will save you money in the long term because your website will have been built correctly. If you prefer to meet in person, hire a web designer from your local area.

2. Do it yourself


Have complete control

Flexibility of design

Inexpensive (use free html editor)

Self maintenance

Gain design skills

Build a customized website

Satisfaction of doing it yourself


Steep learning curve to gain design necessary skills

Website may look amateurish


Website may be unprofitable

Do-it-yourselfers want to know how to do the work themselves and take the time to learn the skills necessary to accomplish the tasks. They may also not have the money to hire a professional web designer.

3. Free template


No HTML skills required

Get a ready-made website

Free or inexpensive

Immediate access

Select from hundreds of free templates

Easy to customize.


Website looks the same as thousands of others

Not a unique design that reflects your business

Contains bloated code or code errors

Contains links from template owner

Free templates are probably the easiest way to get a ready made website however you often get what you pay for. They may look pretty on the outside however you have no idea how the code looks underneath unless you’re familiar with it.


If you want a custom designed website that uniquely reflects your business, is fast loading and optimized for the search engines, high a professional website designer.

If you have the time and willingness to learn all the design technologies and how to apply them, download free HTML software or purchase professional design software such as Dreamweaver.

If you just need a ready-made website, are short on time and money, grab a free template or customize it, then upload it to your server.