Website Developers Can Profit From A Reseller Web Space

By purchasing a reseller web space hosting account, not only can website developers create websites for their clients, they can also provide their clients with web space hosting. This is another great studio service that can be offered easily by website developers.

What Exactly Do You Need To Profit From Reseller Web Space Hosting?

Speedy & Reliable Web Space Hosting Support – Providing speedy and reliable web space hosting support is critical for success in reselling web space hosting. If something happens to your client’s website, it is of top priority to make sure that the situation is handled effectively in the quickest manner possible. An unhappy client will also affect the reputation of your other services as well, make sure that you’re clients are fully satisfied with the web space hosting services that you make available. Remember, word of mouth is one of the most effective forms of advertising for a business, it can either make you or break you. The choice is yours to make and the actions that you take will help determine the effect that word of mouth advertising plays on your business.

Control Panel – It is preferable that you have full administrative control over your clients’ web space hosting accounts. Make sure that your web space hosting provider not only provides you with a control panel that includes complete administrative facilities to easily manage multiple accounts, but, they also provide your clients with their own control panel as well. The most important issue would be that your web space hosting provider gives you the ability to hide their identity as a web space hosting provider that you use. This makes clients unaware that you are offering a service through a third party provider. Also, make sure that you have the ability to customize the control panels your clients use to suit your requirements.

Terms & Conditions – Terms and conditions become vital when offering any type of service. Make sure that every single client has a copy of your terms and conditions. Many people that are reselling web space hosting simply neglect to write their own terms and conditions. Don’t get me wrong, they take quite a bit of time to create and they don’t seem to be the most pleasing thing to write. Usually, if you contact a web space hosting provider, they will let you copy theirs or you will be supplied with a set of terms and conditions that was created specifically for this purpose.

Multiple Domain Hosting – In order to become a web space hosting reseller, you need to obtain an account that offers multiple domain hosting. For example, if you obtain a web space hosting reseller account that allows 8 add-on domains, you can use one to develop your web space hosting company’s website and 7 can be used for your clients. All that you need to do is pay your web space hosting provider their normal rate and charge your customers however much you wish. I would like to add in that there are quite a few web space hosting providers, including The Next Generation Host, that offers their reseller web space hosting clients unlimited add-on domains, this doesn’t limit how many domains you are able to host. I find this option very useful in running a web space hosting company.

Reseller web space hosting can be a rather profitable type of business. You have to have a good host in order to succeed. Also, don’t overlook the fact that it does require you to put some time into it in order to prosper. The time that you put into will lead to making your clients happier and will also help to improve your company’s reputation.